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Affiliated Offices

  • Bagosphere

    Be Trained, Get Hired, Earn an Income! (PHINMA UI and Bagosphere Project Collaboration) PHINMA UI graduates who seek BPO careers get free skills training and direct job referrals. Bagosphere, a skill training company dedicated to helping BPO jobseekers improve their communication skills through its ACED-Bagosphere BPO Fellowship (BBF) Program, has been partnering with UI to support its graduates’ employment success.

  • WNS

    Raising the Employability Quotient with Customer Service Training WNS is a business process management company that combines deep industry knowledge with technology, analytics, and process expertise to co-create innovative, digitally-led transformational solutions with over 400 clients across various industries.

  • iXL Solutions

    PHINMA UI helps student-jobseekers find part-time and seasonal employment. In collaboration with IXL Solutions Philippines, a number of student-job seekers are able to work who serve as contact service support/ customer service representatives. IXL Solutions Philippines is a locally owned Business Process Outsourcing company, and TVET school with offices in Iloilo City and San Jose, Antique.

Service/Volunteerism/Religious Organizations

  • Tactical Group

    The Tactical Group at the College of Criminal Justice Education Department is a dedicated team responsible for instilling discipline and building the character of criminology students. They serve as the implementing arm of the department, enforcing strict discipline and training students in tactical skills. The group's main focus is on shaping students into sharp, disciplined individuals who are prepared for the challenges of the criminal justice field

Special Interest Organizations


    The TAKTICS UI was formed to enhance knowledge and skills in the field of karate. As well as to promote every criminology student to be trained and to strengthen their capacity when it comes to self-defense also to acquire discipline, loyalty, integrity and camaraderie to immunize their mental capacity, composure, clarity of thought, insight into one’s mental faculties and self-assurance. Martial Art teaches great discipline, having the students undergo through this training helps them to be self aware of their surroundings.)

  • T-Classroom Organization

    T-classroom commits to give opportunities for literacy learning to the struggling readers through providing learning experiences which aims to increase every child’s awareness of the changes in the society. To achieve high reading proficiency and comprehension of children in the society with the advocacy that focuses on literacy that enables them to be the best versions of themselves.

  • DUAG Organization

    DUAG aims to Protect LGBT students from any form of abuse, discrimination, and prejudices and provide a safe space for LGBT students where they can be themselves without fear of prosecution. The DUAG also implements social activities for LGBT students toward inclusivity and provides a support system for any LGBT student in need of information, comfort, and guidance. DUAG also created a forum for discussion about LGBT issues